Amadou Kienou - Workshops and Instruction


As a Master drummer for more than ten years, Amadou is a trustee of the ancestral heritage of Burkina Faso. Every year he teaches numerous workshops and internship courses.

He is handing down his knowledge as it was handed down to him by his father and his grandfather, as is the tradition of the Mandingue.

If he travels alone or with his band (Ensemble Foteban), he organizes workshops, master dance classes, initiation classes and apprenticeships on the djembe and other percussion instruments.

As an Ambassador of Africa and Burkina Faso, he perpetuates the tradition of the praise singers of the Mandingue.

Each and every year, Amadou travels all over the world, lecturing on the role of the praise singers in the traditional African societies.

In August at Ouagadougou, be brings together interns from all over the world to participate in workshops on playing the djembe and also repair, tuning and setting up of instruments.

All of these internship courses offered in Africa promote direct contact with the local population and helps to promote tourism.

In addition to offering hands-on workshops, Amadou has researched the best methods to teach students to play the djembe.

Amadou has now produced instructional videos utilizing his didactic teaching methods to facilitate the studentís learning and make the learning more accessible to all students of the djembe.


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